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Rookie Doctor Tips for Interns

Applying for Internship and Residency?

Stressed About How To Prepare?

I was once in your shoes. In fact, by the time I was a few months into my internship, I was much worse off. I was stressed, burned out, and looking into other options. I was preparing to leave medicine altogether. But 18 months later, I was Resident of the Year, and later, Chief Resident. And while I was going through my training I kept track of all of the tips, the pearls, the strategies, and the secrets of successful medical and surgical training.

More Than Just Pearls... This is an Oyster Farm

I'm making a ton of cool stuff - PDF reports, screen capture videos, PDA applications, templates, training modules, checklists, and more - all on a ton of different subjects:

  • On-Call
  • Documentation
  • Morning Reports
  • Gathering Data
  • Time Management
  • Unique Issues for Specific Groups - women, international grads, parents, religious groups, and even stuff for family members of new interns and residents.
  • ...just a bunch of stuff, in all kinds of formats.

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  • a bunch more.
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  • In this video I explain how I was mentored from the verge of quitting my internship to one of the most celebrated residents in my program.

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