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FREE - Residency Survival Skills & Guiding Principles

This is absolutely essential to your internship and residency training.

5 part audio series on how to survive internship and residency

5 part video and audio series on success and guiding principles

What People Are Saying:

I appreciate all of the advice that you have given me already. As a student that has just completed my 4th year the information in this audio file gave me a different perspective on my clinical training. So far the most important things I want to work on are prioritizing my family and friends, learning more about financial management and relaxing (especially because I don’t have to know everything ;-) Thank you for being a great mentor. Your words of wisdom travel further than you know.


I hope all medical students listen to you before they embark on their internship. Every single word of yours is worth listening to and can make a big difference for the general welfare of the resident communities. Congratulations and thank you for your humane and truly priceless service to intern education. Hope your advices become part of general orientations to all residencies.

Surendar R.

Thank you Dr. Tori. Thank you. Until you spoke about not having to know EVERYTHING at that moment, I used to be soooooooooo afraid and insecure. This message has brought me such peace. The strategies you presented for culture in Hospital environment are wise and eye opening!!! Again Dr. Tori, thank you. Keep up the superb job.


AMAZING, mind-blowing, eye-opening, encouraging insight for medstudents and future interns/residents. I was already blown away by all the great content you provided on this site for free, but this hour of your precious time you shared with us offering incredibly useful information, taking precious time out of your schedual, is the reason I’m going to be a member. I’m in 3rd year now, and I can’t wait to apply what I will and have learned from you when I start my residency. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for passing down your precious insight to us up-coming juniors. You are my savoir, Dr. Tori.

H. Naqvi