Tips & Tools You Need To Start A Successful Career In Medicine

If you are an intern, a resident, a fellow, or a med student, NOW is the time to develop high-performance habits that will last your entire career (& help you succeed right now in your training) - You've arrived.

MATCH: How To Rock Your Residency Interview Using The Psychology Of The Interviewer

You've seen all of the advice online about how to do well in your residency interviews... but you haven't seen this... guaranteed.

ThisĀ free mini-courseĀ comes with video, audio, PDF, a mind map, and more. It's your unfair advantage.


Your Transition To Residency - THE (yes THE) Last Lecture of Med School

Think you're somewhat of an impostor? Not sure how you'll do in the next step of your training and career?

Well, you're not alone... not by a long shot.

Every year Dr. Tori is asked to give the final lecture of medical school. Now you have access to those parting words of wisdom to help you successfully transition to residency... and not only that, develop habits for a successful career.


FREE Micro Course on How To Thrive During Internship & Residency

You don't want to just survive your training, do you?! Of course not.

This is a time to develop habits and skills that you will carry with you for the rest of your career. It's a time to be well, to be whole, to grow, and to thrive.


Rapport Is Never Taught In Your Training - Make It Your Super Power

Rapport is the flow state of human-human connection. Establishing rapport will expand your reach, deepen your impact, save time, prevent lawsuits, AND help you to love your work, even when times get tough.

Yes, it's that important.

Not only is all of that true... but it will help you with every relationship you have. Every... single... one.


Residency Mastery Orientation

What if someone went through all of the years of their training, kept track of all of the setbacks and successes along the way, and then packaged everything up for you? Wouldn't that be super valuable? 

Yeah, I thought so too.


What If You Could Have An Honest, Keep-It-Real, But Friendly Attending In Your Pocket?

Every single aspect of your life is deeply impacted by internship and residency. Health, wellbeing, relationships, finances, free time, spiritual health, ... everything.

If there's a time to have a coach, this is it.

Even better, what if this coach were an attending physician?

Even better, what if they were on-call for you?


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Residency Survival Skills & Guiding Principles

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