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MATCH - New Book on Residency Interview Success

A guide for how to rock your interview using the psychology of the interviewer.

$6.80 USD

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Mock Residency Interview

Practice Your Interviewing Skills With An Influence Expert As you practice your interviewing skills during your mock...

$497.00 USD

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Bedside Manner Mastery

Improve Your Bedside Manner, Transform Your CareerTwo powerful things transformed my medical career (and more importa...

$68.00 USD

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Residency Survival Skills & Guiding Principles

Essential stuff I wish someone told me before starting my internship and residency.


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Worried About Your Exam?

Prepare for your Board Exams with the power of your own subconscious mind to:Vanquish test anxietySkyrocket your reca...

$17.00 USD

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Residency Mastery

If you're a medical student or an intern, your life is about to change.  Your career is about to be set on a new...

$97.00 USD

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10X Productivity in 10 Days

Would you like to achieve more in less time?If you're anything like most people you've tried clearing the email inbox...

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